Anime Series Like Non Non Biyori

Asahigaoka is rural village in the middle of nowhere, and for the five students who go to school there, their days are all about keeping the boredom at bay. All of different ages, their ways to entertain themselves never border on normal.

Chill and with a great atmosphere, cute girls doing cute things need not be all about the moe. If you are looking for more anime recommendations like Non Non Biyori, head on down below.

For Fans of Countryside Relaxation


After losing his temper on a critic, renowned calligraphy artist Sieshuu Handa is exiled to the Goto Islands by his father for a period of self-reflection. There he seeks to find new inspiration for his art, but finds that his neighbors and some neighborhood kids keep getting in his way.

Two finer series about country life there is not. Non Non Biyori takes many opportunities to revel in its scenery while Barakamon takes advantage of the effects that it has on the characters. Opportunities for fun and adventure are abound.

The Flying Witch

15-year-old Makoto Kowata is a witch, but her skills in it leave something to be desired. To further train her craft, she moves to rural Aomori, Japan to live with her cousins. This area, rich in nature, is the perfect place to commune with nature and hone her craft.

Don’t be fooled by the supernatural premise in The Flying Witch, Non Non Biyori is filled with just as much magic without any creatures or witches. Both series relish in the magic of nature, literally and metaphorically.

Laid-Back Camp

After moving, Nadeshiko decides to go see Mount Fuji. She manages to bike pretty far, but has to turn back because of the weather and ends up fainting. When she wakes up, she finds herself somewhere she has never been and no way to find her way back. It is in this wilderness where she is saved by Rin, a girl who was out camping by herself.

While at the end of the day the girls in Non Non Biyori return home, Laid-Back Camp has them getting into adventures while camping. Both shows take long serene moments to show off the natural scenery and it plays a large part in crafting the atmosphere of the shows.

For Fans of Cute Girls Enjoying Life

Is The Order a Rabbit?

It’s the positive attitude and energy that Kokoa Hoto exudes that allows her to become friends with anyone in just a few seconds. This is her story as she moves away from home to attend school and ends up working in a café for room and board. Of course, by very nature, she befriends everyone she comes in contact with.

These shows essentially have the same premise – none what so ever. It is really just a place for cute girls to gather and get into shenanigans. There are jokes and pranks abound, but not much else in terms of substance.


Upon entering high school, Yui is immediately entranced by the Light Music Club. The problem is, she can’t play an instrument. Deciding to join the club anyway, the other club members, despite disappointment in her lack of musical knowledge, allow her to join to prevent the club’s disbandment. Today begins Yui’s musical education!

K-On has just ever so much more attempt at plot by giving the girls a goal, but these series both work the same way. The girls try to do something, often they fail, but they do it in a cute way. It makes the rare successes pretty rewarding as well.

Mitsuboshi Colors

Three young girls in elementary school play together all the time at the park. They are the “Colors” which they claim to protect the peace of the city because grown-up don’t have the energy.

The girls in Mitsuboshi Colors are much younger, but the premise of the series is the same. You remember those nice days when you were a kid and your whole life was just about finding ways to have fun? Yeah, these series are about that.

For Fans of Great Visuals


Mars has now become known as Aqua, a planet of water. On this planet is the peaceful city of drift upon the sea called Neo Venezia. A replica of Earth’s Venice, gondolas are the primary mode of transportation, join a novice tour guide as she shows the wonders of her city.

While even the planets are different in these shows, they both spend long moments just showing off the scenery. Long, lingering, serene music backlit showcases of the scenery that is meant to evoke certain slice of life feelings. They are about living everyday lives in a place that is beautiful.

Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless

For Tanaka, being listless is a way of life. He spends his every waking moment looking for ways to conserve his energy. However, it seems the whole world is out to change his lazy ways.

Non Non Biyori is really obvious with its beautiful visuals, I mean the first few minutes of the show is all about making you look at them. However, Tanaka is another slice of life show that is less obvious. It is simple, but beautiful in its simplicity.

Sakura Quest

In the wake of a national movement during a Bubble economy period, a small town decides to revive its tourism program and hires five women as travel ambassadors. As this series follows them for a year, we learn of the trials and tribulations that come with trying to reinvigorate a small town.

Non Non Biyori is about the country life of some girls. Sakura Quest is about the country life of some adult women. While Sakura Quest features these women trying to accomplish something greater, but it has that same sense of whimsy when it comes to living life.

If you have more anime recommendations like Non Non Biyori, let fans know in the comments section below.

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