5 Spring 2019 Season Anime Series You Should Watch This Summer

Although spring is typically a pretty great season to watch anime, not
everyone has the time to lounge around on the couch and give each anime of the season its fair shake, especially when there are so many established shows out there to tempt you away. However, if you want to know what anime series from the spring 2019 season was worth your time, look no further.

*Note: As always, this covers original series. So any second seasons
won’t be counted.

Demon Slayer

After the death of his father, Tanjirou has taken up the
role of the man of the home, supporting his mother and five siblings. However,
after selling charcoal in town, he returns to tragedy. All his family was brutally
slaughtered, save for one of his sisters. Unfortunately, she has been attacked
by a demon and mingled their blood, turning her into a demon as well. However,
she still shows signs of humanity, thrusting Tanjirou onto a quest to find a
way to change his sister back and preserve what is left of his family.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Go in expecting your standard
shounen series and you will be pleasantly surprised. Admittedly, this one
stumbled a little bit in the initial episodes, but as it went on, it presented
everything one wants from a shounen anime, done the right way. Furthermore,
that UFOTable animation makes even the worst episodes really just gorgeous to

Isekai Quartet

One day, a mysterious switch appeared, and if they press it,
these isekai characters were transported to yet another alternative world!

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Isekai is so hot right now, and
for like, the past five years. While chibi comedies are usually not great (a
lot gets lost in translation, I think) this one brings everything you loved
from all the series. Watching the characters interact is as funny as it is

Hitori Bocchi’s Lifestyle

Suffering from extreme social anxiety, Hitori Bocchi has
problems making friends. To make matters worse, she is going to middle school
without her one and only friend. Furthermore, her only friend will only talk to
her if she makes new friends at this school. So begins her struggle.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Riddled with anxiety? This can
help with that. It is a chill comedy about a cute girl dealing with her anxiety
in a cute way. Don’t expect any plot and just let the jokes roll over you.


In order to help his family out financially, Nariyuki Yuiga
dedicated himself to becoming a high achiever in order to get a special
nomination that covers future university fees. While he is constantly
overshadowed by two other classmates in math and literature, he manages to get
the nomination any with the condition he tutor these other students in other
academic areas in which they are just mediocre.

Why It is Worth Watching? – Maybe I just miss Quintessential
Quintuplets from last season because this is basically the same thing without
the familial relationship. It is a harem show, yes, but the harem girls are
actual people with backstory and personality that develop as characters, that
that’s a win.

Meddlesome Kitsune Senko-San

Nakano is a salaryman that works for a company that greatly
exploits him. He returns to home each day exhausted, and one day, returns home
to find an 800-year-old fox girl has invaded his home. She cooks, she cleans,
and she states that she will heal his exhaustion with her occasionally
questionable care.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – This is the true chill series for the season. It is reminiscent of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid in that it is wholesome, comforting, and has maybe lewd jokes if you take them the wrong way. It’s a good way to unwind.

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