Anime Series Like My Hero Academia

After the sudden appearance of super powers, or “quirks,” now 80 percent of humanity have these powers. With some Quirk users turning to crime, it gave rise to super heroes that help the police keep the peace.

Since he was a child, Izuku Midoriya has idolized super heroes, especially the symbol of peace All Might, but he is devastated to learn that he won’t manifest a Quirk himself. Still, he studies super heroes and is determined to become one. After a chance encounter with All Might, he learns that there still may be a chance for him to get a Quirk after all.

Inspired by the super hero comic culture of the west, it is no wonder why My Hero Academia became so popular. If you are looking for anime recommendations with the same heroic and over-the-top energy, try checking these out.

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Tiger and Bunny

In Stern Bild City, those who use their special powers for either good or evil are called NEXT, and heroes are regularly featured on TV catching the bad guys, getting paid for their entertainment. The hero known as Wild Tiger has been putting on less thrilling performances lately due to his inability to cooperate with other heroes, but when he teams up with his by-the-books new partner he nicknames Bunny, his luck might just turn around.

Aside from One Punch Man, Tiger and Bunny is probably as similar a show to My Hero Academia as you can find. Both are about super heroes, but Tiger and Bunny is essentially about heroes that are already established instead of those learning. However, in both shows you also find that their funds are tied into how popular the heroes are in the media as well.

Samurai Flamenco

Fueled by hero tales, the legend of his own grandfather, and an enduring sense of justice, the superstar model Masayoshi Hazama turns into the Samurai Flamenco by night. Featuring a cheesy handmade costume he tries to foil crime with his nonexistent fighting skills.

While My Hero Academia is inspired by super hero comics and takes it rather seriously, Samurai Flamenco is meant to be a parody. In both shows you have heroes that try pretty hard to be heroes, but kind of suck at it for their various reasons.

Concrete Revolutio

In an alternate future, Earth has been inhabited by a series of beings once thought fictional. This horrific reality is something that people just can’t accept so the government keeps it a secret and establishes the Super Population Research Laboratory. The organization is used to keep track of unique individuals and prevent them from causing trouble.

To start off, both series are done by Bones, so you can know you are getting that top-notch animation and nice color palate. Essentially Concrete Revolutio is what you would get if you focused on the actual working heroes fighting villains rather than the students.

Hamatora the Animation

In this world, a small number of people have manifested the power to create small miracles. In Yokohama, two miracle users create a detective agency and use their powers to help people. However, one day they realize that the jobs they are receiving have a series of strange connections to a serial killer that their police friend is searching for.

Not only do they share superhero settings, but Hamatora and My Hero Academia also share a bright and exciting color palate as well. The series ultimately focus on the uniqueness of each superpower and show, to an extent, how the manifestation of super powers effect their world.

For Fans of One Pump Chumps

Cavalry of a Failed Knight

A certain selection of people, known as Blazers, are able to manifest their souls as weapons. To harness these powers, a number of schools have been established to teach these people how to use them. Ikki Kurogane is an aspiring Mage-Knight, but unfortunately is also one of the lowest ranked Blazers around. However, there may be more to his powers than meets the eye.

Although being set in vastly different universes, both of these anime series tell the story of two perceived weaklings that are actually quite powerful. However, while Midoriya can’t control his power, Ikki can only use his true power once per day.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi is your average thug, but one day, he sees a kid about to get hit by a car and saves him. Unfortunately, the car kills him instead. Impressed by his heroic deed, the afterlife gives him a second shot at life, but only if he becomes a Spirit Detective and keeps all the demons and other supernatural beings from destroying the human world.

Although Yu Yu Hakusho is done in the traditional shounen style, both it and My Hero Academia are fighting anime series that put more of a focus on action, but still have pretty good stories. Similarly, for a long while Yusuke can only use his spirit gun once per day while Midoriya can only use his powers for as many limbs as he cares to break.

For Fans of Growing Stronger

World Trigger

After a gate to another world opens on Earth, Mikado City is invaded by mysterious creatures impervious to traditional weaponry called Neighbors. In order to combat the Neighbor menace, special weapons are created called Triggers. This is the tale of the next generation of Trigger users as they are trained.

Just like heroes go out and are trained in schools in My Hero Academia, so, too, are Triggers trained in World Trigger. However, both stories tell the tale of protagonists that are weaker than the rest while simultaneously being prodded forward by people they look up to like All Might or Jin.

Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

Born and raised in an underground village, both Kamina and young Simon dream of seeing the fabled surface. However, they get their wish sooner than expected when they fend off an attack from the surface using a mysterious new weapon that they excavated. However, the resulting journey will take the out of this world.

Gurren Lagaan is notorious for its over-the-top action, and while My Hero Academia captures some of that, it never quite gets to that level. However, both stories are about a weak boy finding their place in life through the older badass person they look up to.


Joey is an orphan living with his grandmother. Like any other boy, he has an interest in robots and wants to someday own one in particular called Heybo. However, the advanced Heybo is too expensive for him, but one day on his way home, he finds a Heybo that was hit by a car and takes it home. After fixing it up, it gets struck by lighting and grows in size, becoming the robot Heroman.

Although it is the robot that does a lot of the heavy fighting in Heroman, like My Hero Academia, Heroman tells the tale of a wimpy kid becoming a hero. Joey grows stronger in terms of will while Izuku grows both physically and emotionally.

Do you some other series out there that might be a good follow up to My Hero Academia? Well, then toss your anime recommendations down in the comments section below.

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