Anime Series Like Snow White With The Red Hair

Shiraiyuki is an herbalist that lives a normal life in the country of Tanbarun. However, when her beautiful red hair is noticed by the Prince Raji, he tries to make her his concubine. She then decides to cut her hair and flees into the forest. It is there she is rescued by the second Prince of neighboring Zen Wistalia. In order to repay her life debt to him, she sets her hopes on becoming the court herbalist in the capital of Clarines.

Inspired by the fairy tale in some ways, there is ten tons more depth and a way better romance story waiting for you in this series. If you are looking for more anime recommendations like Snow White With The Red Hair, then head on down below.

For Fans of Red Hair

Yona of the Dawn

After having her luxurious life shattered by the betrayal of her cousin, Princess Yona is forced to escape with her childhood friend Son Hak. However, leaving her palace forces her to see the poverty and strife that really makes up her beloved kingdom. Now she must journey to not only regain her rightful throne, but to return her kingdom to its former glory.

In both series, you follow a red haired girl that was chased out of her kingdom. However, while Snow White follows Shiraiyuki building a new life, Yona follows Yona trying to get her kingdom back. Both series have romance and interesting worlds that are explored through the eyes of the main character.

Ancient Magus’ Bride

After being abandoned by her family, Chise Hatori is a 16-year-old teenager without hope. In order to not have to worry about herself, she sells herself to slavers, only to be purchased by Magus Elias Ainsworth. There she is told she will become his apprentice and, in the future, his bride. Together they work together to build a relationship and work to control her own magus powers that will eventually result in her early death.

While Chise isn’t as independent as Shiraiyuki is, both series are about red headed girls that are working towards a goal. Chise wants to be a mage and Shiraiyuki wants to be an herbalist. Alongside that, you also explore a somewhat slow love story.

Twelve Kingdoms

In what started as a normal day as a normal high school student, Nakajima Youko has her reality shattered when a strange man named Keiki appears before her, swearing his allegiance. When Youko and her friends are attacked by demons, they are pulled into a different world, one she has never known. Separated from Keiki, Youko and her friends must do whatever they have to survive this strange, harsh place.

While Twelve Kingdoms is more focused on action and less on romance, what you get in both series is a fantasy show that allows you to learn about the actually very interesting intricacies in the kingdoms. Twelve Kingdoms is brilliant for its world building, but Snow White also has an interestingly crafted world as well. Furthermore, both series focus on strong, red haired women.

For Fans of Strong Female Characters

Kemono no Souja Erin

In the small village in Ake lives Erin, a bright girl who spends her days with her mother Soyon who serves as a doctor to the empire’s Touda war-lizards. However, when the Grand Duke’s favorite lizard Kiba dies, Erin’s peace is shattered as her mother is arrested and suspected with its death. In an attempt to save her mother, Erin sets off on an epic adventure.

Both Shiraiyuki and Erin are strong-willed female character that have their own ambitions other than to catch themselves a man. While Snow White also explores a romance, both female leads in these shows are also pursuing a goal.


During a twist of fate, Hitomi Kanzaki witnesses a boy named Van fall from the sky and kill a dragon. After he defeats it, they are both sucked into a pillar of light and Hitomi is taken to Van’s world where she finds out he is a prince and his kingdom is at war. After his kingdom falls, they both end up on the run as they try to take his kingdom back and get Hitomi home.

You know the dynamic between Shiraiyuki and Zen? Well, the relationship between Hitomi and Van is pretty much that in an isekai story. While this is an older anime, it provides a wonderful adventure and romance.

Maria the Virgin Witch

Maria is a powerful young witch living in France during the Hundred Year War with her two familiars. After watching countless innocents swept away in the chaos, she attempts to use her magic to bring peace. Unfortunately, this attracts the attention of the heavens and they declare that her powers will be taken away if she loses her virginity or if she continues to intervene.

Although one sounds more lewd, these are both quite sweet love stories about female characters that won’t be told what to do by the men above them. However, while Snow White is more a fairy tale world, Maria is about the going-ons of the powers that be in a world.

For Fans of Royal Love Stories

The Story of Saiunkoku

Although her family was once nobles, they fell on hard times. Now, with her father making a pittance as an archivist, Shuurei takes odds jobs to make ends meet. One day, she receives an offer to become the emperor’s consort for a huge sum of money. She accepts in hopes that it could further her own governmental ambitions.

Both series feature a romance between those of different stations. While Snow White maintains a rather nice portrayal of this situation, it is not always so in Saiunkoku. However, they both feature strong lower station girls, at very least.

The World is Still Beautiful

Within the realms of the Sun Kingdom, it never rains. However, in the Rain Dukedom, the women of the family possess the ability to call upon the rain. So when the Sun King, recent conqueror of the world, Livius I decides to take a wife, it is only natural to pick one of those four princesses. Nike Remarcier is the youngest and only one with the ability to call the rain. Frustrated at her lot, she journeys to the kingdom and is surprised to find that the Sun King is only fifteen years old.

Snow White is about a royal that falls in love with a common girl, but The World is Still Beautiful is more of a traditional royal romance where the match is made and they need to get used to each other. However, the comedy and likeable characters makes it just as sweet.

Maoyu – Archenemy and Hero

After fifteen years of warfare with the demon world, the Hero is unsatisfied with their advance and rushes forward to the Demon Queens Castle. There he not only finds a beautiful woman that is the queen, but she needs his help. To his surprise, she offers a way to not only help his country, but hers as well. Together, they join forces to make that dream a reality.

While Snow White doesn’t really have demons, these shows otherwise have quite a bit in common. It is a love story between the two characters, but both shows also place a large emphasis on the politics of the world as well. It is not all gushing romance, which allows the romance it does have to not be rushed.

Do you have more anime recommendations like Snow White With The Red Hair? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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