For Fans of How Many Kilograms Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

Hibiki, who has a great love of food, notices her clothes are starting to get tight. To fix that, she decides to enroll in a gym. At one, she meets a classmate named Akemi. Akemi, who likes the gym because of the abundance of buff dudes, tries to convince her to join. However, it is the beautiful trainer Machio that really convinces Hibiki to join their gym.

We all know what this show is. Let’s find more like it.

For Fans of FITNESS!

Anime De Training EX

Five girls are aiming need to keep their body in shape. This is their journey through many different exercise routines.

Unlike Dumbbells, this series doesn’t make a real attempt at plot. However, both series do give you some solid information for working out and the girls are sufficiently cute.

Training With Hinako

Do exercise with Hinako, who used to be a real girl but got turned into an anime character.

Even less plot than Anime De Training and Dumbbells and just ever so more lewd with its angles. This series, despite being about exercise, is probably not so much encouraging watchers to exercise so much as it is encouraging them to do something else. >_>

For Fans of Informational Shows

Are You Lost?

After a plane crash, four girls are left stranded on a desert island. Luckily, one of them is a hardcore survival enthusiast thanks to being trained by her father.

Both series provide some information on the subject – fitness or outdoor survival – but everyone can tell the focus is on the cute girls working up a sweat. Are You Lost, however, makes these girls do kind of gross stuff for fun, though.

Love is Like a Cocktail

Everyday when office lady Chisato comes home, her loving husband and bartender Sora makes her a good meal and a cocktail. While loves these tasty concoctions, she loves her husband’s kind heart more.

While cocktails and working out aren’t similar subject matter, both of these shows create a cozy atmosphere to provide the information. Dumbbells has more comedic moments, but they are both really soothing.

Cells at Work

The human body has approximately 37 trillion cells that are hard at work every day to keep you alive. Cells at Work tells the story of a red blood cell and a white blood cell and the tireless work of countless other cells to keep you alive. Germ invasions, scratches, and drama unfold inside this body.

Both shows provide factual information on their subject and do so while having not only cute characters but an actual plot going on as well. Cells at Work does an even better job in the plot department, but features significantly less sweaty girls.

For Fans of Macho Men and Cute Girls

Grand Blue

Iori Kitahara is excited to travel to the seaside town of Izu for his first year of college. He moves into his uncle’s scuba shop, Grand Blue, but things don’t go according to plan. Inside the shop is a bunch of naked and drunk upperclassman who get him drunk. After his cousin walks in, his college life starts to derail, but his work getting it back on track doesn’t go quite as planned either.

While not about working out, in Grand Blue you get both cute girls in little clothes and super macho men in little clothes. So it is really the best of both worlds and a killer comedy show as well.


Haruka Nanase has a passion for swimming leading him to compete and win a tournament in elementary school with his friends. Years later, they reunite as high schools students and while Haruka and three friends decide to form a swim club, his fourth friend, Rin, attends another school in order to surpass Haruka in skill and has no interest in being friends again.

Enjoyed the buff dudes in Dumbbells? Free is all about buff dude eye candy, but their muscles are more toned than bulky.


Although a talented gymnast, Nozomi Kaminashi needs money to help her family. So instead of going to college, she enters the world of Keijo, a gambling sport where girls stand on a small floating platform and try to push the other off. The catch is, the girls can only use their butt or bust to assault opponents.

Enjoyed the cute girls in Dumbbells? Keijo is about girls in swimsuits that play a sport where they can only smack things with butt or boobs. So… Yeah.

Do you have more anime recommendations like How Many Kilograms Are The Dumbbells You Lift? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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