Anime Series Like Dr. Stone

One day, all of humanity was engulfed in light and mysteriously petrified. After a few millennia, two high schoolers awaken and find themselves in a wild world. These two set out to cure those still frozen and kick start civilization.

Visually beautiful, Dr. Stone is worth watching for that alone, but this is the story of human history. If you want more like it, then consider these anime recommendations.

For Fans of Survival

7 Seeds

With extinction-level meteors heading towards Earth, the government attempted to preserve humanity with the 7 Seeds Program. In this program, several teams of young people were established, frozen, and to be woken up in the future after the planet is livable again. However, the world these children wake up in is wild and dangerous where they appear to be the only humans left.

These series both have the same plots carried out in different ways. The people were unconscious for thousands of years, and when they wake up, the world has reverted back to its most wild form. Their only job is to survive, rebuild society, and ensure humanity survives. However, while Dr. Stone has many bouts of comedy, 7 Seeds is almost all serious since it does have some pretty haunting stories to tell.

Uninhabited Planet Survive

In the 22nd century, Earth has become uninhabitable, and humanity has spread out to other planets. While on a school trip through space, a class enters a gravity storm and finds themselves stranded on a seemingly uninhabited planet. However, while they struggle to survive, they don’t know what else is lurking in the shadows.

Both series are tales of survival. Both take place on wild planets, but Uninhabited Planet Survive is more a desert island scenario rather than one about rebuilding civilization. Both feature children trying to figure things out, but the children in Dr. Stone are a touch more intelligent.

Astra Lost in Space

In 2061, the students of Caird High School go to Planet Camp in space. However, Group B5 arrived at their camp site only to be engulfed by a glowing sphere and transported 5000 light years away. In a spot of luck, they find an abandoned space ship nearby and now must struggle to both survive and get home.

Both are new series this season, so I guess this is the season for survival shows. Astra, however, takes place in space. Both series start off with the characters engulfed in light and something odd happening to them. After they wake up, all that is left is to adjust to their new surroundings and survive them.

For Fans of Children Being the Future


During their summer vacation, 15 children are enjoying summer camp together. One day, they decide to go explore a cave by the sea, inside they meet a mysterious man named Kokopelli who is surrounded by high-tech equipment. Kokopelli claims to be a game developer and asks if the children would help him test it. Each child signs a contract, but instead of playing a game, they are actually piloting a giant mech to defend the earth from 15 different alien invasions.

In Dr. Stone, you will note a distinct lack of adults. There are adults aplenty in Bokurano, but you will note that there is really nothing they can do to help the children that now hold the future of their planet in their hands.

From the New World

After the sudden outbreak of psychokinesis, the .01% of the population that developed it started using their powers for nefarious means. Far into the future, the town of Kamisu 66 is wholly populated by psychics with the young Saki being one of the most recent to awaken her powers. Finally she can join the rest of her friends at the Sage Academy. However, her school days are plagued with questions that threaten to unravel the dark secrets of her idyllic village.

Both Dr. Stone and From The New World take place in a future thousands of years from our present time. However, humanity wasn’t frozen like in Dr. Stone, but it evolved and civilization seemed to digress. The whole plot of that series is to find out why this happened similar to how you want to find out why everyone was petrified in Dr. Stone.

Seraph of the End

After a mysterious virus killed every human over 13 years old, the vampires rose up with a promise to protect the survivors. The only thing they asked in return is donations of blood. For Yuuichirou and Mikaela, they have grown tired of being livestock and pose a daring escape plan. It ultimately fails with only Yuuichirou left alive. However, after joining up with a mercenary company, he swears vengeance on the vampires, no matter the cost.

Both series take place in a world where they are no adults, only children and children that grew into adults after apocalyptic events. However, Seraph of the End is not so much surviving in the traditional sense like Dr. Stone, but fighting vampires so humanity can ultimately survive.

For Fans of Educational Facts


Tadayasu is a college freshmen at an Agricultural University with a special power –  he can talk to cute, chibified versions of bacteria and other microscopic organisms. While it sounds like fun, his special ability gets him into all kinds of trouble.

Obviously, both of these series place high value on science and its effect on our daily life. Dr. Stone explores the scientific advances that helped shape civilization while Moyashimon highlights how germs and bacteria shape out everyday life.

Cells at Work

The human body has approximately 37 trillion cells that are hard at work every day to keep you alive. Cells at Work tells the story of a red blood cell and a white blood cell and the tireless work of countless other cells to keep you alive. Germ invasions, scratches, and drama unfold inside this body.

While Dr. Stone is other sciences, Cells at Work features biology. It turns how our bodies work into an animated adventure and both shows have a way of teaching you real facts.

Silver Spoon

Yuugo Hachiken is a hard-working, studious student, but he is tired of trying to live up to the academic expectations that are placed on him. So when it comes time to go to high school, he enrolls in the Ooezo Agricultural High School in Hokkaido. Being so clever, he thinks he will excel in the institution, but soon learns that farming is much harder work, both physically and emotionally, more so than he expected.

Dr. Stone shows you how inventions helped society advance while Silver Spoon highlights where your food comes from. Both are good comedy shows that showcase real knowledge.

Do you have more anime recommendations like Dr. Stone? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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