Scott Snyder to Write Flagship Justice League Series Post-Metal

DC Comics has revealed plans for a new rendition of its Justice League teams after the conclusion of its acclaimed event series Dark Nights: Metal. The flagship Justice League title will be written by comics visionary Scott Snyder; no artist has been announced.

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Following the conclusion of March’s Dark Nights: Metal #6, a four-issue weekly miniseries titles Justice League: No Justice will kick off. Launching May 9, the series will be co-written by Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson, and illustrated by Francis Manapul.

In June, the Justice League titles will relaunch. The flagship title, written by Snyder, will follow up on the events of Dark Nights: Metal, which depicts the Justice League’s battle against seven evil Batmen from the Dark Multiverse.

“We thought we knew the entire map of the DC cosmos,” Snyder wrote in a statement upon IGN’s announcement. “We thought we had explored all there was to explore. But now we know that all this time the Multiverse was nothing but a fishbowl, and now we’ve been dumped into the ocean, unleashing terrifying new threats, and wondrous new possibilities. Metal opened up channels of storytelling that Francis, James, Joshua and I are excited to explore in a big way. When we’re finished, fans will never look at the Justice League in the same way again.”

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Christopher Priest and Pete Woods’ current Justice League run will conclude on April 18 with its 43rd issue. Steve Orlando (and a host of artists’) Justice League of America is set to conclude on April 11 with its 29th issue.

Stay tuned to CBR as we learn more about the future of the Justice League at DC Comics.

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