Want to alive? Then behave well.

Want to alive? Then behave well


Welcome to the convention “Behave or Die”. Want to alive? Then behave well.



As an important figure, you’ve invited to our convention happened every five years. We’ve paid a lot of attention to ensure your safety as long as you obey our laws...


“Our city has had a peaceful run for 20 years after Master Sousuke put the policy into this event…” said the sensei.



Wow, it’s so cool, isn’t it? And you’re right, it’s time to our new original manga again.

《Dark Soul》 And it’s a good news for English readers because it’s written in English.



Last time, we introduced Space Boy.It’s a story about the love. Well, today’s manga theme is quite different with Space Boy. Her name is Dark Soul. The story revolves around the territory convention which happens every 5 years. For the leader, the unlikely task is with the heavy burden along with his family of killers to maintain peace and protect the light priestess from those that would try to destroy it.


As everyone get together at the training center but sensei’s daughter. What?!! Where has she gone? Do we need to look for her? I bet you will like the girl at the first sight like me.


So would you like to join us to protect peace of home? We need you!

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Oh! You can also read this manga on your smart phone with ‘Manga Dogs’ application. Download link.

We also support you QR code for convenience.

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Thanks to Miss Wang for participating

I'm Ella, thanks for reading~ : )


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