15 Anime Robots That Should Be Built Today

As a culture, we're obsessed with robots that are changing the world.

So why are some of the most awesome robots in anime not being built already?

Convert to being a science, computer, or engineering geek so we can bring these 15 anime robots to life.

1. Sharon Apple - Macross Plus

The ultimate idol who may have gone a little crazy but let's be honest, her music was to die for and she was way overpowered.

2. Tachikoma - Ghost in the Shell

Military grade robots that can both protect you and be your favorite pet.

If we could have adorable transforming tachikomas in any animal type you want, society could just stop there.

3. Persocom - Chobits

We spend so much time with our computers these days, they're practically our lovers.

Needless to say, human shaped computers would make some people veeery happy.

4. Giftia - Plastic Memories

Human like robots that take care of us and can return our feelings?

From a caretaker for seniors to the absolute best customer service representatives out there, an emotional robot could revolutionize the world.

5. Android 18 - Dragon Ball Z

Sure, being kidnapped and becoming one of the first humans with such intense cybernetic enhancements that you're more robot than human kinda sucks.

But slower aging, Saiyan level strength, and still being able to have kids is pretty sweet.

6. Home Assistants - Psycho Pass

There is not a single person on this planet who doesn't want a home assistant who brings you food, updates you on the things you need to know, and dresses up in cute outfits.

7. Astro - Astro Boy

The world would be a nicer place if Astro Boy was guarding the streets.

Although he might scare the older generation with his large eyes and almost insatiable obsession to help others.

8. False Minshiro - Shinsekai no Yori

The False Minshiro is basically a living, evolving robot that has been engineered to store all the information you'd ever want

It's the fancy back up drive that you deserve.

9. Doraemon - Doramon

A robot cat from the future sent to help you not suck at life?

And it has a magic pocket full of awesome gadgets that haven't even been invented yet! You'd basically have the cheat codes to life right there.

10. Dorothy - Big O

There are so many nice and supportive robots, but what humanity really likes is a friend and partner who will poke fun at you.

A sarcastic robot like Dorothy who can also punch through walls sounds like the best friend your teenaged-self always wanted.

11. Digimon - Digimon

Are digimon robots? Artificial Intelligence? A new species? They're "Digital Monsters" that live in Earth's communication networks so that makes them...something worth mentioning.

Whatever the case may be, digimon would be the best digital friends anyone could ask for.

12. Robot Surrogate - Hal

Surrogate robots that could take the place of loved ones we've lost and help us deal with grief sounds both wonderful and terrifying.

Like a crutch to rely upon, these robots could change how we say goodbye forever.

13. QT - Space Dandy

A talking robot who will get into trouble with you? Don't lie, this has been your dream since watching The Brave Little Toaster as a child.

14. Tama - Gintama

She can cook food inside of herself and vomit it up. She's kinda like a very interactive oven.

Gross? Yes. But at least you never have to worry about leaving the oven on and burning down the house again.

15. Every gundam and mecha ever

Let's all just be honest and say we want mechas, we want them bad.

Sort of because we might someday encounter aliens but mostly because they're really freaking cool.

Given the chance that one of these anime robots can be invented in the next 10 years, which one would you prefer to?

(source: gobiano)

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