10 Signs You Might Be Watching a Fan Service Anime

If you watch anime a lot, it is blatantly obvious when you are watching something in the ecchi or harem genre. However, fan service can be a little less obvious sometimes in other genres, but it is highly pervasive in modern anime. So, for a little fun today, what are some signs that you are watching an anime that is packed highly with fan service?

Showing Off Some Skin to Pass Those Boring Dialogue Moments

This is a common one but it can be used to varying extent. During those times where exposition is needed, often animators try to keep the audience engaged by showing them something a little more worth looking at. In the worst cases, it will be bouncing cleavage or some glistening skin. In more mild cases, the characters will be dressed more provocatively, hopefully in a way that makes sense for the scene in question.

Vastly More Women than Men

If your character list has all women and maybe like two guys, you can be sure before even watching the series that there will be some fan service. If they are moe girls, it will probably more cute fan service than the sexual kind, but even moe girls can have their moments.

Beach Episodes

Typically these episodes are the herald of an ecchi or harem series, but there are many series that aren’t in those genres that use the beach episode to add in a little fan service. One such example of this is Gurren Lagann. It is far from ecchi or harem in genre, but it features a beach episode so you can see Nia in a swimsuit and Yoko in a somehow less revealing than her normal outfit swimsuit.

Moaning in Inappropriate Situations

We’ve all seen those moments where you have characters moaning and making innuendos and then you find out there were doing some normal activity like exercising or getting a foot massage. This can be a fun tool if used sparingly, but when overused, as in, more than once in your standard 12-episode series, it is purely for fan service and not so much for comedy.

There’s At Least One Harem in Play

You don’t need to be in the harem genre to have a harem in play. Sometimes they can be small, like one or two women, but if they are there, you can be assured that they will probably find themselves in some fan service-y situations. The more women in a harem, the more likely fan service becomes to try to endear them to audiences.

Panty Shots!

It could be when they high kick the shit out of a protagonist. It could be when a stiff breeze blows up. No matter what the situation, in a fan service anime, when the situation is right for it, the panty shots will happen. The more fan service an anime will have, the more comments there will be about the panty shots and the panties themselves.

Bath Scenes / Hot Springs

Let’s be real, the only reason to include a bath scene is purely for fan service. There is nothing relevant to the plot that happens in a tub. Hot springs are of a similar situation to the the beach episode. Sometimes relevant things happen at hot springs, but mostly it is just for showing girls enjoying warm water together.

Accidental Perversion

Accidental perversion might be better labeled as incidental perversion You know the situations, the ol’ accidental trip and face in the cleavage or the accidental boob grope. Of course, there is also the legendary trip and pull down the panties. These add nothing and are favorite fan service devices.

Shiny, Glistening Flesh

Just because you can make a thigh glisten or a well-supported bust shine, doesn’t mean you should. As animation gets better, the more glorious shining flesh you can see. This is why it has become so easy to slip in fan service these days.

Most Women Are Unrealistically Stacked

Bust comes in every size and shape, it is true, but when most busts in your anime series come in perfect DD’d, it is probably not a flaw in the character design. There is a clear difference between normal busts and cleavage that is overly large for the sake of being boobalicious.

Agree? Disagree? Have something to say about fan service like everyone else? Let us know in the comments section below.

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