Top 15 Messed Up Manga Series That Are Really, Really Bad

If you ask your friends why they love reading manga, they would probably answer that they love the artwork, plot, character development… or all of them together. 

There are thousands of manga series out there that are praised for at least one of these aspects, but what about bad manga? Have you ever wondered which manga series are considered to be really awful? 

In this article we are going to cover 15 of the worst manga series in the world; some of them are dubbed worst either because of awful and silly plot lines or simply because they have terrible artwork. Sometimes even both.

So if you are curious, keep on reading but let me give you a word of warning – this article contains disturbing content!

15. The Death Panda by Waita Uziga

The Death Panda by Waita Uziga is a horror manga about a giant panda that breaks from hell and starts killing and tormenting people because… well, because it can. 

Okay, so you are probably already wondering why the heck somebody would turn a cute and adorable animal such as panda into a vicious rapist and murderer from hell. Probably for the shock value, but the thing is – it is more awful than funny. 

This giant panda does not shy away from dismembering, torturing, raping and eating people for no reason whatsoever, and it is really creepy. 

The artwork is not bad, but the story line is the main reason why this manga found its way on this list. So if you are really curious and you would like to see a furious panda in action, check it out. But beware of the consequences – you might never again look at pandas in the same way. 


14. Pupa by Sayaka Mogi

Pupa is the fantasy manga series created by Sayaka Mogi about a boy Utsutsu and his sister Yume. It may seem innocent enough, but it is not. 

One day, Yume gets suddenly affected by a virus and transformed from a cute girl into a scary creature that craves human flesh. This mysterious virus is called Pupa and it is up to her brother Utsutsu to find the cure. 

While he is doing so, his little sister needs to eat. And who would be a better sacrifice than her own protective brother? However, it seems that it is not only his sister that requires saving, but also everyone else from her insatiable hunger. 

This gore manga goes even further by exploring the themes of incest and cannibalism and it is quite infamous for doing so. If you do not think that it is terrible enough to read about a sister who bites her own brother and eats him slowly, then check it out. 

13. Super Lovers by Miyuki Abe

Super Lovers by Miyuki Abe seems like any other BL (Boys’ Love) series, except that it is more sinister than you would ever imagine it to be. Even though the fans of yaoi would say that the artwork is cute and beautiful, it is actually the plot that is very creepy. 

This manga is about Ren, an 8-year-old boy who meets and falls in love with his adoptive 16-year-old brother Haru. Their relationship is portrayed as innocent, at least at the beginning, but the reader gets introduced to more than one sexual innuendo as the story progresses. 

Ren gets infatuated and obsessed with his older brother who on the other hand seems to be quite manipulative and perverted. The story keeps following their relationship over the years and it does not get better. 

If this kind of story line has not made you run for the hills already, then you might as well check it out. 

12. Corpse Party by Toshimi Shinomiya & Makoto Kedouin

There is nothing wrong in liking a bit of gore; however, Corpse Party: Blood Covered, a short manga series by Shinomiya Toshimi and Kedouin Makoto, offers only that. 

The story follows a group of high school classmates who mysteriously find themselves trapped in a realm ruled by angry ghosts. They are being hunted by the spirits of other students who were murdered in the most gruesome ways possible so now they want revenge. 

This manga series is definitely not for the faint-hearted, especially because it does not offer anything besides making you feel sick to your stomach for watching high school students being dismembered and tortured– which is why it found its way on this list. 

If you are not in the mood to see a group of scared teenagers getting stabbed in the eyes and getting their tongues ripped out, then avoid this manga at any cost. 

11. Okane ga Nai by Hitoyo Shinozaki & Tohru Kousaka

Okane ga Nai, also known as No Money, is the infamous yaoi manga series by Hitoyo Shinozaki and Tohru Kousaka. 

It is about a gentle and innocent boy Ayase who gets sold as a slave and then later on bought by a rich and arrogant businessman Kanou. What makes this manga infamous, and also one of the worst, is the fact that Ayase looks like an elementary boy instead of a university student as he is depicted in the manga. Kanou on the other hand looks like he could be his father. 

After being bought for a huge sum of money by Kanou, he is forced to repay his debt by being Kanou’s slave in bed. Rape is one of the common tropes in yaoi manga, but even this one has taken it too far. That is why it deserves a special place on this list. 

10. Ana Satsujin by Rahson

The story of Ana Satsujin aka Peephole follows a cowardly Kurosu, a depressed dropout who has been losing interest in life for some time, until he finds a new hobby – spying on his neighbor through a peephole in their adjacent wall. That neighbor happens to be a hot and mysterious young woman Miyaichi. 

It seems like a wet dream come true until Kurosu becomes a witness to her murdering a man and until she catches him spying on her. That is the moment when he realizes that Miyaichi is actually a sick sociopath who hides more than one secret… and she wants to make him pay for spying on her. 

It might seem like a cool thriller except that this manga has no plot whatsoever. The characters are undeveloped and most of the events in the story are inconsistent and used just for the shock value. 

9. Wolf Guy: Wolfen Crest by Yoshiaki Tabata & Yuuki Yugo

Wolf Guy: Wolfen Crest is the action manga by Tabata Yoshiaki and Yugo Yuuki. The story is about Akira Inugami, a strange boy with werewolf powers who has just transferred into his new school, which is ruled by gangs. 

His busty homeroom teacher Aoshika Akiko immediately becomes infatuated with him, not only because of his mysterious behavior, but also because she believes he saved her from a rapist before. 

Additionally, Inugami refuses to bow down to other boys in the school, which results in him being beaten or attacked all the time. The school gang leader becomes aware of their developing romance and decides to use Akiko against him. 

What makes this manga really bad is that the plot mostly revolves around Akiko being used as an object and gang raped repeatedly throughout the story while Inugami is trying to save her. There is nothing exceptional about this manga.

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8. Gakuen Prince by Jun Yuzuki

Imagine a private high school in which the males outnumber the female students so they feel entitled to use and rape them whenever they feel like it? Yes, it sounds terrible. Okay, now just reverse the genders and you get Gakuen Prince, a comedy manga illustrated and written by Yuzuki Jun. 

Joshi High is the place where the female students rule, simply because there are too many of them and the males cannot stand up to them. And since there is the shortage of the already mentioned male students, they end up being slaves in every way possible. 

It might seem funny and harmless, but it is still humiliating and a bit hypocritical. Most issues concerning bullying, cruelty, and violence are handled as if they are completely normal. 

If you are not already creeped out by the plot and you prefer sadomasochistic characters, then you might even give it a try. 

7. Bradherley no Basha by Samura Hiroaki

Illustrated and written by Samura Hiroaki, this manga will definitely make you regret reading it. 

Set at the beginning of the 20th century, the story is about the notorious aristocrat Nicola A. Bradherley who enjoys visiting orphanages and adopting abandoned little girls. They think that he does so because he wishes to train them to join his opera troupe; however, that is not the real reason. 

These innocent pre-teen girls soon realize that their savior is actually a monster in disguise who sells little girls to rapists and prisoners while the guards watch the show. However, they realize that only when it is too late. 

The images of innocent girls being being violated until they die are enough to make you have nightmares until the end of your life. Since there is no consolation or character development, everything is done purely for the shock value… and shocking it is. 

6. Mai-chan’s Everyday Life by Waita Uziga

Mai-chan is a 17-year-old girl who works as a maid and possesses a strange ability – to regenerate from any possible injury in a short period of time. You might think that living with this ability is cool – you simply cannot die if you get hit by a car or someone tries to murder you. 

However, in Mai-chan’s case, it is actually more of a curse than a blessing. That is because Mai-chan works as a maid for clients with the most disturbing needs and fetishes. Since she cannot die, they fulfill their sick fantasies by torturing her, dismembering her and other cruel things. 

This manga is written and illustrated by Waita Uziga who is famous for his ultra-violent style in both drawing and writing. His style can certainly make you feel sick to your stomach and with a good reason. 

However, besides the gruesome images, there is no depth nor anything else worth your attention. 

5. School Days by Sakazuki Homare & Overflow

Written by Overflow and illustrated by Sakazuki Homare, School Days is a romance manga that is about a love relationship between three high school students. 

Two pretty girls, Kotonoha Katsura and Sekai Saionji are both in love with a boy Makoto Ito. However, he falls in love with Katsura at first but later on develops feelings for his close friend Saionji as well. He is not sure which girl is the one, and his inability to properly express his feelings will result in jealousy, betrayal and teenage angst. 

This might seem like a typical shoujo manga, but the stereotypical characters and mediocre romance make it one of the worst. There is also a bloody and gory twist at the end that many readers found random and completely irritating. 

The absurd finale is what disappointed most who believed that the sudden shift of characters’ personalities was unnecessary and lame. 

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4. Fraction by Shintaro Kago

Shintaro Kago is pretty infamous in Japan for being a manga artist who is quite disturbing when it comes to his style, also called “fashionable paranoia.” He often uses satire in his works, but what makes him infamous is that his favorite subjects often include extreme body mutilations and modifications, disgusting fetishes and sex. 

His drawing are often hard to look at and the more you look at them, the more disturbing they become. Such is his short manga series called Fraction. 

This manga contains a bunch of short stories but it also follows a serial killer who goes through a series of scary, crazy and twisted transformations. 

There is no plot or character development and nothing really happens, except that you are presented with some really extreme and completely terrible fetishes that you have probably never even heard of before. 

3. Secret Flower Garden by Rei Bow

If you think that you have seen it all, then think twice. This short erotic manga by Rei Bow takes the cake. It is really disturbing, perverse, twisted and definitely one of the worst manga series ever. 

The story follows two girls who go to elementary school and one day find mysterious eggs that they do not know where they came from. It is when these eggs hatch that the real horror begins because they contain demonic tentacles that seduce and molest these pre-teen girls. 

The manga contains rather graphic drawings of them being stroked by the tentacles, and even enjoying them. As if this is not enough, the story gets spiced up with other children and old perverts. 

Having in mind that this manga contains so many themes that are considered taboo, it is really surprising that it even got published.

2. Haou♥Airen by Mayu Shinjo

Haou♥Airen, also known as Honey Honey Boy, is a shoujo manga created by Mayu Shinjo. What makes it one of the worst manga series ever is that it condones rape and passes it off as romance. 

The manga follows Kurumi Akino, a young and naive woman who stumbles upon an injured man near her home and helps him. However, she does not know that this man is Hakuron, one of the most notorious mobsters from Hong Kong… and he has taken a liking to her and her body. 

This results in the poor Akino being kidnapped and repeatedly molested by the man she saved. She even falls in love with him despite the fact that he treats her badly. 

This manga has the usual tropes that include a powerful and brutal man who abducts a naive and virginal woman, and then molests her until she falls in love with him and helps him overcome his childhood traumas. 


1. Kodomo no Jikan by Kaworu Watashiya

Kodomo no Jikan, also known as A Child’s Time, is the infamous comedy manga series written and illustrated by Kaworu Watashiya. As you can guess from the title, the plot revolves around children, or to be more precise, a group of elementary school girls who are the target of sexual innuendos and dirty jokes. 

When a newly appointed and inexperienced teacher Aoki Daisuke becomes their home teacher, a precocious girl Rin Kokonoe becomes obsessed and infatuated with him. She tries her best to seduce him and make him fall for her, even though he would lose his job if he gets too close to her. That results in a series of disturbing, awkward, twisted and taboo situations. 

The manga is supposed to be funny; however, these little girls are 3rd grade elementary students who shouldn’t know anything about sex.

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